What to Do When In ‘Quarantine’?

The world once again fought a pandemic battle with a life threatening disease called CoronaVirus. Let’s get to know a little about it. It is alternatively known as COVID-19. This unidentified virus has affected more than 100 countries. stop covid-19To combat this critical situation, many countries have locked down their severely populated cities and are trying to provide best medical facilities.

The lockdown has been done mainly to prevent personal contact with each other and stop the transmission of the harmful virus all over the world. The suspension of the working of airlines has been a major step to avoid the spread of the disease. Many countries like Canada, France, Japan, Malaysia, Italy, Australia, Spain, South Korea, have reported confirmed cases of the virus on the global level.

On 3rd January, 2020, the World Health Organization declared the widespread dispersion of Corona as an emergency around the globe. But in this alarming situation, until further orders in the public interest, the people are willingly staying at their homes to hinder the community spread.

What Is The Corona Pandemic And How Is It Affecting People at A Large Scale?

Corona-Virus is a disease which basically originated in the Asian country, China. This virus consists of a wide range of viruses that are common among the animals. But due to its spread in the human beings, it has been transmitted from one person to the other with personal contact. When we talk about the causes of illness of the Novel Coronavirus, it causes the respiratory problem and its similarities with the common cold features but in severe conditions. It is a new issue that this infection has not been identified in the past in humans.

This virus is named on the basis of the genetic structure to facilitate the preparation of the medical tastings, vaccinations and pharmaceuticals. As it is a ‘Severe Acute Respiratory Coronavirus’, this novel Virus has infected more than 3 lac people and killed almost 15 thousand people. In nearly 157 countries, citizens have put themselves in self-curfew to prevent the dissemination of the virus.

What Are The Basic Symptoms Through Which You Can Identify Coronavirus?

The threat of CoronaVirus is psychologically affecting the people. Though the mortality rate is less as compared to the other virus attacks in the world, the people are over-reacting instead of undertaking the preventive measures such as SARS and Ebola virus.

With the health issue, you can easily identify the infection that has affected the people. The alimentary tracts in the respiratory illness are similar with the common cold. Some of health issues that you can face in this infection are:

  • Weakness with unwell feeling
  • Cold with running nose
  • Scratchy throat with pain
  • General or severe headache 
  • Cough and cold
  • High temperature including fever
  • Problem in breathing
  • Lower respiratory illness like Pneumonia or Bronchitis.

It is not about the coronavirus, whenever any pandemic strikes the human lives, the precautionary measures must be ensured and undertaken at a fast pace. Staying in  ‘Quarantine’ at your place is the best and the most easy way to save yourself from being in contact with the infectious people and get affected with the incurable diseases like the Ebola Virus, Nipah Virus, Coronavirus, and others. Being home can be nice at the beginning but can become irritating. Alot of people turn to playing online casino games as it is fun you can earn money and it keeps you busy.